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An Interview with Jennifer Jenkins

An Interview with Jennifer Jenkins

author of Three - a story of 3 women's bravery during the plague in Eyam

I was delighted when Jennifer agreed to join me for this podcast. Growing up in Derbyshire, I have known the story of the villagers of Eyam and the Great Plague (1665-66) for a long time. Today's village is beautiful, and who would know of the terrors those poor people endured unless the history had been recorded?

When you visit Eyam, the story is told with notice boards and plaques on cottages showing the names of those who lived and died there. The Eyam Museum contains more displays and information to depict life back in the 17th century.

Three by Jennifer Jenkins

Jennifer’s novel is about life in this period, told through the eyes of three brave women, which gives the title to the book, Three. I loved the book, so I contacted Jennifer to come on the podcast and talk about it and life at that time through the eyes of Emmott Sydall, Catherine Mompesson and Elizabeth Hancock. These were real people, and Jennifer has done a wonderful job in bringing them to life in the book and telling the story of the plague.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and if you want a copy of the book, please order from your local bookshop or Amazon. If you happen to be visiting Eyam, copies are available in the museum and Eyam Tea Rooms.

Jennifer has a website A nice feature on the website is the ability to download maps to show where the three main characters in the book walked around the village and the locations of the people you will read about.

Jennifer is on Twitter, as you can see from the above tweet. Please do follow her by clicking above.

Please do leave a comment, and if you have read the book, Jennifer and I would like to hear your thoughts.

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To see more of the village of Eyam, click the link Read more below and watch the embedded video.

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Here’s a song about one of the characters in the book, cut off from the love of her life.

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