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Non-Boring History

Non-Boring History

an interview with Annette Laing, historian, author, public speaker and more!
Dr Annette Laing, Non-Boring History
Dr Annette Laing, author, historian and presenter of Non-Boring History. Image

Roland’s Travels Podcast: Non-Boring History

Welcome to Roland’s Travels’ latest podcast. Annette Laing is the author of

, which does describe how she tells her stories of historical events and the lives of people from days gone by.

Annette also has a website where she can be contacted for speaking events and to find out more about her.

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History has always fascinated me. Sadly, some of my history teachers at school didn’t appear to be too enthusiastic! Despite their monotone delivery, they failed to destroy my desire to know more about the past. Looking back in time can teach us a lot, and it’s a shame that many seem to find history boring. Maybe, they have had history teachers who were boring and made history as dull as ditch water. Hopefully, listening to Annette and reading her blog posts and mine, you will enjoy a trip or two back in time!

Tell me in the comments what your experience was at school when it came to learning about history.

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