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The Great Plague and The Village of Eyam - an Interview with ...

The Great Plague and The Village of Eyam - an Interview with ...

.. Owen Roberts, the Curator of Eyam Museum

Eyam Museum tells the story of the village of Eyam in the Peak District of Derbyshire during the time of the Great Plague in 1665 to 1666. It also tells much more about the village as well. Tune in to the podcast at Roland's Travels where I interview Owen Roberts, curator of Eyam Museum.
Eyam Museum - it’s larger on the inside than it looks! Image: Roland’s Travels

Owen Roberts, Curator of Eyam Museum

I was delighted when Owen accepted my invitation to join me on Roland’s Travels Podcast. Eyam is a lovely village with a sad tale due to the havoc caused by the Great Plague in 1665 and 1666. However, the village is known for how it acted during the plague and saved many lives from being lost elsewhere because the villagers isolated themselves. In this interview, Owen tells us more about the plague and the village, and we learn how the museum tells the story.

I have often visited Eyam and, a few years ago, made this video, which is on my YouTube Channel, and you can play it below. You will see houses where the villagers lived and died during the great plague. Its beauty hides the horror of that long ago time and a story that, when Covid-19 struck, reminds us of the danger of diseases that can quickly spread.

Jennifer Jenkins and the novel Three

I have previously interviewed Jennifer Jenkins, author of the novel, Three. Jennifer tells the story of the plague as a historical novel through the eyes of three women. The characters are real people, and the story is told with as much historical accuracy as possible. The book is excellent, and I have recommended it to my readers and listeners. You can purchase from Amazon and also online from Eyam Museum’s shop.

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An Interview with Jennifer Jenkins
Listen now (27 min) | I was delighted when Jennifer agreed to join me for this podcast. Growing up in Derbyshire, I have known the story of the villagers of Eyam and the Great Plague (1665-66) for a long time. Today's village is beautiful, and who would know of the terrors those poor people endured unless the history had been recorded…
Listen now

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