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Where does the name of your town or village come from?

Where does the name of your town or village come from?

an interview with Anthony Poulton-Smith, a renowned authority on place names
Where do place names come from. How did they originate? Every town, village or hamlet has a name. Find out in Roland's Travels Podcast. This picture is taken in the small hamlet of Iford, Wiltshire.
Every place has a name. Where did names come from? What do they mean? Image: Roland Millward, Iford, Wiltshire

The Origin of Place Names

Place names have always fascinated me since my junior school days. It was good to discover the books of Anthony Poulton-Smith and even more so when he agreed to be interviewed on Roland’s Travels podcast. I asked Anthony to tell my listeners how he became interested in place names and what he has discovered. I am sure you will find this interview interesting.

Anthony Poulton-Smith - author and speaker

There must be millions of place names in the world. Anthony has spent decades looking into the origin of words and particularly place names found in England. He travels the country speaking on this and other topics.

He has written well over 80 books and has a series of books, by county, explaining the origin of place names. Listen and let Anthony explain how names have originated and if there are clues to the past by understanding the place names. Perhaps you have always wondered why your town or village is named the way it is. You can discover why through Anthony’s range of books - click here.

Anthony has a blog, Mumblings of a so-called writer, that I recommend worthy of your time.


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